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Our Organic Culture grows only certified organic vegetables and produces organic pickles in Bali, Indonesia.

Quinoa Chicken With Vegetables and Pickle Soup


In Bali it rains, a lot. And sometimes, all you want is a nice hearty soup on these cooler days. But without the heavy feeling after you've eaten it. Introducing our delicious Quinoa Chicken With Vegetables and Pickle Soup. You may be thinking, "what the heck is a pickle doing in there?" Well, it adds [...]

Quinoa Chicken With Vegetables and Pickle Soup2017-10-11T08:55:50+00:00

Organic Pickles at Hatten Wines


Our Organic Pickles at Hatten Wines It was such an honour to present our organic pickles at Hatten Wines this year for a Bali Culinary Professionals networking event. Their winery and main residence was the perfect backdrop for a tasting, and being showcased alongside other locally produced artisanal foods was a fabulous experience.   The Hatten [...]

Organic Pickles at Hatten Wines2017-08-01T14:46:08+00:00

Organic Pickle Taste Tests


Our Organic Pickle Taste Tests Conducting our first ever round of organic pickle taste tests was probably one of the most exhilirating and fun activities we ever got to do for our business. We met hundreds of friendly pickle lovers, hopping between Bali and resort islands like Gili Trawangan, and got to enjoy our pickles with so [...]

Organic Pickle Taste Tests2017-08-01T14:46:08+00:00

Dill Pickle Tartar Sauce


Can you image having fish and chips or a tuna sandwich without tartar sauce? Neither can we. Having a great tartar sauce with the right consistency and flavour can make the dish so much more. Adding dill pickle tartar sauce to fish and chips, or as a dip or sauce to other dishes can make [...]

Dill Pickle Tartar Sauce2017-08-01T14:46:08+00:00

First Organic Cucumber Harvest


Our First Organic Cucumber Harvest After months of testing and tasting cucumbers, we were finally ready to have our first organic cucumber harvest. We were like kids on Christmas morning. We got up way before sunrise, and the drive up to Bedugul was full of excited chatter and singing to our favourite tunes.   [...]

First Organic Cucumber Harvest2017-08-01T14:46:08+00:00

Tuna Sandwich with Dill Pickles


Remember when you were in grade school, lunch time was always something to look forward to. While we were getting ready for school in the morning, mum would prepare our lunches but we wouldn't know what was inside until lunch time. The days we got a tuna sandwich with dill pickles were one of our [...]

Tuna Sandwich with Dill Pickles2017-08-01T14:46:09+00:00

Balinese Organic Pickle Farm Visit


Our First Ever Balinese Organic Pickle Farm Visit One of the most exciting moments for us was when we conducted our first ever Balinese organic pickle farm visit. We started our drive from Ubud in the morning, with an expected drive time of 1.5 hours to Bedugul; the organic farm belt of Bali. What [...]

Balinese Organic Pickle Farm Visit2017-08-01T14:46:09+00:00

When Our Pickle Jars Arrived in Bali


When Our Pickle Jars Arrived in Bali We never thought that we'd have a story to tell about something as mundane as ordering our glassware but when our pickle jars arrived, miles from our shop, in a rice field, stopping traffic for half a day, we had to share it with you. This story actually [...]

When Our Pickle Jars Arrived in Bali2017-08-01T14:46:09+00:00

Organic Pickles at Bali Vegan Fest


Organic Pickles at Bali Vegan Fest We had just opened for business last year, when we got invited to showcase our organic pickles at the first ever Bali Vegan Fest. The word had gotten out that there was finally an organic pickle on the market, and everyone wanted to try it. But it wasn't just [...]

Organic Pickles at Bali Vegan Fest2017-08-01T14:46:09+00:00

Balinese Pickle Business Ceremony


It was an incredible experience to host our Balinese pickle business ceremony; it was a first for us. This island is steeped in Hindu spiritual beliefs and religious ceremonies - it's called The Island of the Gods after all. In Bali, when anyone starts a business or buys a new home or a car, it's customary [...]

Balinese Pickle Business Ceremony2017-08-01T14:46:09+00:00